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You will be sent a code by e-mail to fill out the health questionaire, then you will be on the road to better health 

The best kept secret in nutritional healing is whole-food nutrition.  Whole-food nutrition is much more than just food-for-thought.  Whole-food nutrition can be YOUR answer to YOUR health problems, no matter how serious they may seem.

ALL orders are sent with FREE shipping and handling and your first order will include a FREE gift.


If at any time you want to contact me personally, you may reach me by:

                        Telephone at    1-866-622-3690

                                         or      602-281-6778

                        FAX                  602-682-5953

                        E-Mail    at      nutritionalhealing@cox.net

Thank you,

Dr. Bernard Presser, B.S., D.C.

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