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Updated 7/24/2013   

         Dr. Bernard Presser D.C.

5696 Magnolia Woods Drive

Memphis, TN 38134


If you have any questions, please contact us at 901-417-7905

 More articles coming soon.


My name is Dr. Bernard M. Presser, B.S., D.C.  I have been a licensed, practicing chiropractor since January 1980.  My specialty has always been nutrition.  I have taken many classes in biochemistry and nutrition while at Logan College of Chiropractic plus hundreds of hours of postgraduate seminars on genuine whole-food nutritional wellness.  

I have seen hundreds of patients go from debilitating illness to live a healthy productive life.  The difference is using whole-food supplements, created by nature, rather than fractionated chemicals made in some factory.  The difference is as great as picking up something with your own live hand versus picking up the same object using an artificial hand.  Throughout all the pages of my website you will find the emphasis on natural phytonutrients with their nutritional effects for health and healing versus chemicalized so-called vitamins with their drug-like affects. 

Please read any and all of the articles on my website including all the new ones that I will be continually adding over time.

I hope this website will become your island of sanity in a world of insane, constantly changing pronouncements, by the so-called nutritional "experts" of the world.

With this information I wish you a long and healthy life.